Bangkok Flower Market

The Bangkok Flower Market is definitely a sight worth seeing. An overload for the senses, the fragrances and vibrant colours will have you instantly pleased that you made it here. Open 24 hours, this is certainly one place to include on your trip to Thailand. With every variety that you could possibly think of, you are able to seek out some of the most exquisite specimens for sale. A huge hustling and bustling industry that is busy regardless of the time you visit, the Bangkok flower market is great to simply browse and people watch or can be a wonderfully inexpensive way to purchase a bunch of some of the freshest flowers available for sale. The sight of mopeds with enormous oversized clumps of flowers is not unusual, and the street of flower vendors are more than happy to do a deal with you. Certainly you will be forgiven for not being able to name the many species and varieties of flowers sold here.

One of the busiest times to visit is between two and three in the morning as this is when the markets receive their freshest deliveries of flowers. You can also purchase fruit and vegetables here as well as herbs and spices. One of the best times to go the the Bangkok Flower Market is in the cool of the evening. Because of the often humid and dense climate of Thailand, visiting the market place in the evening can be a better way to choose any blooms you wish to purchase. Fluorescent lighting will provide a well lit path for you to go from vendor to vendor and strike up a deal for your favourite flower bunch. Renowned as one of the most voted flower markets in the world, the Bangkok Flower Market is certainly a destination that must be seen on your travels to Thailand.

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