Bangkok National Museum – Attractions in Bangkok

Bangkok National Museum, opened to the public in 1874 King Rama V, happens to be the most important and the main branch of museums in Thailand. The main objective of establishing the museum was to exhibit the royal collection of his majesty, King Rama IV and some other objects of the Brand Palace.

The location of the museum was changed to the current place in “Wang Na” in 1926 and the name was also changed to the existing one Bangkok Museum.

The museum is divided into two separate structures as the South Wing building which if referred to The Mahasurasinghanat building while the North Wing building is also called The Praphatphiphitaphan Building.

These two structures are completed with a large number of exhibits which carry a historical value of many aspects such as archeology, fine arts, sculptures and more.

The Thai history gallery is housed in the Sivamokkha – phiman hall while the prehistoric gallery is located in the rear part of the same building. These galleries display the evidence exhibits of legendary events that took place from the prehistoric era to the present time.

Moreover a wide range of collection of articles that illustrate the history of Art and Archeology are being presented in several galleries in several divisions such as, Srivijaya, Dvaravati, Lopburi located in the South Wing of the museum.

Other galleries in the old palace building house the ethnological collections such as musical instruments, gold treasure, textiles, woodcarvings, stone writing and old weapons that people from even prehistorically era used.

The museum also demonstrates a great value of a legendary monument it self as a Palace to the Front. Generally all the structures have been constructed in the purpose of depicting endless value of Buddhism showing many characteristics of the Buddha.