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The Charms Of Bangkok

Posted by admin | Travel Agents | Thursday 13 August 2009 4:20 am

Bangkok is an incredible destination that is a blend of east and west, and one can see here historic as well as ancient shrines overlooking towering modern building that dominate the skyline. Apart from being a popular tourist spot, Bangkok serves as the country’s seat of administration and government. Bangkok is also the main port of the country, and is home to about one tenth of the population of the country. No matter you are honeymooners, business traveler, spiritual traveler, history buffs, or just a sightseer, Bangkok provides excellent options for all. From ancient Buddhist wats, historic monuments, and interesting museums to amusement parks, parks, and gardens, Bangkok boasts of a spectrum of attractions.

Of the attractions in Bangkok that deserves a special mention are its magnificent royal palaces. Just few among many of them are the Grand Palace, which is exquisitely decorated and attached with areas such as Borombinan Hall, Amarindra Hall, and Dusit Hall; Chitlada Palace, which is the current residence of the king; Vimanek Mansion – a stupendous as well as expansive wooden palace made from golden teak; and Suan Pakkad Palace, with a collection of traditional style Thai mansions.

A visit to Bangkok would not to be complete without taking a tour to many of its interesting museums such as Bank of Thailand Museum, located within Bangkhunphrom Palace; Erawan Museum, in whose front one can find a statue of three-headed elephant that stands on an gargantuan pedestal; Bangkok National Museum, which has on display an amazing collection of Thai art and artifacts; Bangkok Folk Museum, with exhibits such as traditional utensils and ceremonial related artifacts.

Human Imagery Museum, which throws light on the Thai life and culture; Corrections Museum, which is located at the site of the Bangkok Remand Prison; Forensic Museum, where you can see preserved corpses; Science Museum, with an interesting aquarium, a planetarium, and several other sections for entertainment and education; Philatelic Museum, which is a must-see for stamp collectors; and Royal Barge National Museum, which has on display an array of royal barges that were used during royal occasions.

Other not to miss attractions in Bangkok are Lumpini Park, the largest as well as the oldest park in the city; Dusit Zoo, boasting of more than 200 mammals, 150 reptiles, and 1000 birds; Thai Cat Palace, featuring several breeds of cats such as Siamese, white pure Maeo Khao Mani, and diamond -eyed cats; Snake Farm, also known as the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute, which is one of the leading producers of anti-venom Serum in Asia; Crocodile Farm -the largest of its kind in the world, where you can see more than 60,000 fresh as well as sea water crocodiles; and Rose Garden, a well-manicured area where cultural shows are conducted.

Shopping For Jewelry In Bangkok

Posted by admin | Shopping | Thursday 13 August 2009 4:19 am

The capital as well as the largest city in Thailand, Bangkok is a mesmerizing destination. Bangkok is considered the backbone of the country’s economy. Shopping for jewelry in Bangkok can be very profitable and fun. But you have to be aware that there are unscrupulous people that may try to scam you.
Never let a tuk-tuk driver take you to a jewelry store. A tuk-tuk is a small, open air, motorcycle driven, 3-wheeld vehicle. The driver may offer to take you anywhere you want to go for free or for a ridiculously low price.

The driver may take you to a legitimate tourist attraction or temple where you will be met by someone claiming that the venue is closed. He will try to gain your confidence and offer to take you to a jewelry store where you can make a big profit. Everyone will get a commission and you will be sold inferior grade gemstones. You are better off going to a reputable jewelry store. Remember that almost any store recommended to you will be paying a commission to the recommender. You want to find a store that has been in the same location and has a solid reputation. But, how do you find one. You can find some decent jewelry stores on Wireless Road amid all of the embassies. They have been there for a long time and take care of tourists and dignitaries alike.

For gold jewelry, your best bet is to go to Chinatown. There are gold shops every ten feet. Easily identified with bright red trim, you will see gold necklaces, bracelets, and rings. This is for gold only shopping, not gem stones.The price of the gold jewelry will be based on the daily price of gold on the world markets. Factor in a little more for the workmanship, and you can get some very nice jewelry for a good price. The biggest markup in your home country is for the craftsmanship. Do a little bit of homework and you can get a very nice souvenir from Thailand that you will wear the rest of your life and will remind you of your holiday.

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