Serithai Park in Bangkok Travel

Water Park of Serithai is located on Serithai Road being a historical road was based on The World War II. The Park consists of a water park, a small library, and an open-air fitness club, about 5 kilometers east of The MALL Bangkapi Department Store, east of heart of Bangkok, and the park is in front of Buengkum district. It is quite big and looks wonderful because the land of the park is divided into two parts by a long swamp. The swamp lies and curves between two parts of the land throughout the park.

At the first part of the swamp, there is the semi -wooden bridge across it which looks like the river. But the water in the swamp is calm. Some fountains were set in the middle and the other parts of the swamp. There are also concrete bridges across the other parts of the swamp. Whereas two parts of the park are full of various trees, bushes, and flowering trees. In the water, abounds with kinds of fishes such as dace, cat fish, snakehead and etc. You can enjoy feeding them, especially in the evening; they can be seen a lot. You can travel to this park at any time in your convenience. However if you would like to take exercise, both in the morning and evening are ok. But if you need to relax yourself, in the early afternoon is better.

Located far from downtown area, Serithai Park is a good atmosphere one in Bangkok. You can travel to the park in your own car or by bus. Take the regular bus number 27, 151 or air-conditioned bus number 27, 502 in front of The Mall Bangkapi and then get out off at Buengkum District, left side. You can drive in your own car from The Mall Bangkapi to the park easily, because you can do on direct road until get to the park. It takes you about ten minutes to reach there.