Bangkok Serviced Apartments

The latest accommodation option tourists and business visitors have in Bangkok is Bangkok serviced apartments. These apartments are fully furnished with necessary items like dishes, linen and entertainment systems to make your stay in Bangkok a great one. The Bangkok serviced apartment is cleaned by a maid who comes in daily and whose rate is included in the price of the apartment. Most buildings also have additional features like gym, coffee shop, laundry rooms, restaurants and more.

Rate wise, Bangkok serviced apartments are quite reasonable when compared to hotels. So you tend to save more by staying in these apartments. It is not the rate that attracts visitors to Bangkok serviced apartments; it is the homey atmosphere it offers that brings patrons to the apartment. The best place to look for information about the different Bangkok serviced apartments is the internet where there are lists of different apartments available for hire. These sites offer instant credit card booking facilities and usually quote prices for the Bangkok serviced apartment in both American dollar and Thai currency.

However first time users had better use the help of a travel agency, with experience in Bangkok serviced apartment, to find out what they have to offer for your stay in Bangkok. Before choosing your accommodation, you have to look for references and reviews about both the travel agent and the location you select. With this information, you will be able to decide just how feasible the Bangkok services apartment is for you to.

Bangkok serviced apartments are usually let on leases of a month to a year or longer, where one months’ rent is to be paid as deposit and two months rent as security that will be returned on the termination of the lease period. Shorter stays are considered more of a hotel stay than an apartment stay. As usual, before signing on the contract for the Bangkok serviced apartment, make sure you read the information thoroughly, and clarify all clauses and terms you don’t understand.